A new site for those interested in machine shop ideas at home and model engineering. Whether you are working in a workshop or from home there is something here for you !

As we grow we will be providing a place to buy and sell, advertise and building a community of like minded people supporting and working together!


We aim to provide you with current information and downloads to help with all of your model engineering needs.


HMSMEA will be a place to be able to share ideas and converse with like minded people. We will also have a regular member of the month article showcasing some of your work!


From drawings to models we will be providing a platform for you to be able to buy and sell.


Looking for something in particular? Wanting to list an item for sale? Advertise with us for FREE!


Last but not least, our main project, providing you with a regular magazine packed with all of your favourite articles, suppliers and information!

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